College Football: Practice Report (August 13)

Former Wimberley standout Charlie Will Tuttle is making a name for himself at Texas State.

Former Wimberley standout Charlie Will Tuttle (No. 72) is making a name for himself at Texas State as he enters his junior season in 2013.

For the second time this fall, Texas State held a two-a-day workout.

During the morning, the Bobcats closed practice and went inside Bobcat Stadium. Once temperatures rose Tuesday, Texas State ventured back out to the practice field behind the Bobcat Baseball/Softball Complex.

Want to know what happened? Keep reading.

    • Even though it wasn’t the strongest afternoon for the quarterbacks, each had their bright moments — specifically during one-on-one passing drills. Senior Tyler Arndt, senior Duke DeLancellotti, freshman Tyler Jones and redshirt freshman Jordan Moore all put the ball where only the wide receiver could catch it or it would be an incomplete pass. Arndt threw the most complete passes, while Jones was a close second. Moore threw a nice ball to sophomore wide receiver Jack Rhoades and DeLancellotti put a throw right over senior wide receiver Andy Erickson’s shoulder.
    • Speaking of the quarterbacks, Moore spent most of practice with the first-string offense and Arndt led the backups. That switched near the end of practice when Arndt guided the top offense.
    • Coaches mixed things up a bit (Not that way.) on the offensive line. Junior guard Charlie Will Tuttle moved back to center, redshirt freshman guard Ryan Melton switched from strong tackle to left guard (replacing Tuttle) and sophomore Adrian Bellard moved up the depth chart (replacing Melton). While it’s not permanent, Texas State will keep the line like this for the time being to see how it works out.
    • Sophomore running back Robert Lowe broke off a huge run at the end of no-huddle drills. Lowe surged up the middle and was eventually brought down by junior cornerback David Farris at the 1-yard line.
    • Redshirt freshman linebacker Stephen Smith delivered the Daily Record Hit of the Day, but it wasn’t a tackle. Smith plowed over junior running back C.J. Best as he tried to set up a block.
    • Junior transfer Rusmin Nikocevic and junior transfer Lawrence White are both at practice, but only went through morning practice with the team. Both must go through an ‘acclimation’ period, as required by the NCAA.


Head coach Dennis Franchione on the new-look offensive line: “I don’t know if it’s a permanent move, but it’s a move we wanted to look at — and we didn’t want to go any more days without looking at it. I like the size of us and the strength of us. We look like a Division 1 offensive line. We’ll see. We’ll watch the film tonight and evaluate the next day or two. Nothing is set in stone.”


Listen to what Texas State junior Charlie Will Tuttle had to say after practice.


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3 responses to “College Football: Practice Report (August 13)

  1. Brett C.

    Great stuff. I’ve enjoyed reading these updates. With Fran wanting to put the “best five” on the field, who do you think will be the starting O-line?

    • I’d keep the current group together (Baker, Melton, Tuttle, Romero, Bellard) or put Melton in Baker’s place, put Tuttle back to guard, use Freeman at center and then you have: Melton, Tuttle, Freeman, Romero, Bellard. First batch gives you size. Second batch gets you experience.

      Thanks for reading.

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