College Football: Fran wants toughness this spring out of his Bobcats

Other than “Duke DeLancellotti,” the biggest buzzword in Texas State head coach Dennis Franchione’s press conference Wednesday afternoon was “toughness.” Franchione felt the Bobcats, who finished 2012 with a 4-8 overall record, weren’t tenacious enough to withstand the brunt of a full schedule in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

“Getting tougher mentally and physically is a big pressure point for us this spring,” Franchione said. [We need to] find a way to win some of those close games and to get more competitive at the FBS level.”

Franchione later touched on this at length.

“We need to culturally become more physical if we’re going to play at this level and become tougher mentally if we’re going to win,” Franchione said. “We lost five close games last year. I don’t know if we were really ready physically and talent or coaching to win those games.

“One of my most disgusting days was when we walked off the field after [the loss to] Nevada. Obviously Reno is a good football team that went to a bowl, but we could have beat them that day. We weren’t ready to beat them that day. I can say that was my fault very easily, but I think it was as much a fault of the timing of the process that I talk about. We just weren’t ready to win that kind of game yet, but we have to get ready to win those types of the games.”

Quarterback Battle

Franchione answered several questions about the upcoming positional battle under center between senior Duke DeLancellotti and redshirt freshman Jordan Moore, among others.

On DeLancellotti: “Duke is having a great offseason. He’s competing his tail off. He’s been in that film room more than anybody, I think. Last year things came at him fast and the offense was probably a little overwhelming. He has good speed and more than adequate as a passer.”

On Moore: “If I went to the catalogue and ordered one that could run this offense and be good, it would be Jordan Moore, as far as physically. He’s fast. He’s built. He’s got a good arm. Technically, he has light years to go: stepping with the right foot in the passing game, knowing his reads and not forcing the ball. Jordan’s answer to everything is pulling it down and running the ball himself. He’s just got to grow.”


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4 responses to “College Football: Fran wants toughness this spring out of his Bobcats

  1. TheRevSWT

    No comment about Tyler Arndt… Telling or no?

  2. me

    Yeh. Wondering the same thing. Where does Arndt fit in this QB battle?

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