College Football: An educated guess

There is now one week until the Texas State Bobcats open their season at the University of Houston.

While Texas State has yet to release an official depth chart, a pecking order can be seen in practice. So, without further ado, here is an educated guess on what the Bobcats’ two-deep will look like to start the season.

QB: Rutherford/Arndt, Moore/DeLancellotti

RB: Curry/Franks, Lowe

Z: Erickson, Gaines

H: Battle, Milburn

X: C. Matthews, B. Smith/Ijah

TE/Y: Harper, Miller

T: Eshraghipour, Baker/Bellard

G: Crawford, Yoder

C: Freeman, Jacobs

G: Tuttle, Conoly

T: Watkins, Potter

LE: Bartu, Evans

NT: Williams, Mayes

DT: McColloch, Taulelei

RE: Norfleet, Robertson

SAM: J. Robinson, McMiller

MIKE: Mayo, Jeter-Gilmon

WK: McLean, Moncure

FS: Daniels, Chase/A. Matthews

S: Benning, Iwuji

FC: Mager, Mims

BC: Morris, Wells

K: Johnson, Dann

P: Johnson, Z. Robinson


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2 responses to “College Football: An educated guess

  1. NJD

    Where’s Adrian Bellard?

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