College Football: A Candid Interview With Soph. Quarterback Tyler Arndt

Spoke with sophomore quarterback Tyler Arndt after practice Tuesday afternoon. Arndt split time with junior slashback Tim Hawkins in a 23-22 loss at Central Arkansas and has seen his playing time steadily increase with junior quarterback Shaun Rutherford on the shelf with a shoulder injury.

Here is what Arndt had to say about a number of topics.

On his performance in Saturday’s loss to the Bears — “It was all right. When it came down to make a big play, I missed the receiver and you can’t do those things. Throughout the game I felt good. I made some big-time throws and that’s good. Receivers hung in there and Cody [Matthews] gave that extra effort on his touchdown [15-yard catch]. That’s what we need in those types of games.”

On his interception with Texas State trying to get into range for freshman kicker Will Johnson — “You read it off the corner and the corner stuck down on the route we had down there, so I tried to throw the corner route to Brad [Miller] and left it a little behind him, and the safety was there and picked it off.”

On how difficult it was to get into a rhythm while substituting with Hawkins — “Yeah, it was tough. That’s the coaches’ decision, so you can’t do anything about that. You’d like to get into a rhythm and get the defense guessing. It seemed like we didn’t do enough of that.”

On how the offense can get its rushing attack going again — “The biggest thing is trying to keep them off-balance. You need to hit some passes, then try to run it and go back and forth. That’s the big key. You don’t want to show them too many tendencies on offense. Hopefully we can do that this Saturday.”

On his future with the program (there has been a lot of speculation about his role diminishing next season with the addition of two quarterbacks to the roster) — “I’m not going to comment on that one.”

Arndt spent Tuesday’s practice with the first-string offense, while Hawkins joined the backups. Rutherford still didn’t practice, but held on field goals for Johnson.


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10 responses to “College Football: A Candid Interview With Soph. Quarterback Tyler Arndt

  1. Skip

    Does a no comment about the future of TXST football mean a possible transfer for Arndt in the near future???

  2. Fan4life1

    I hope none of you are surprised. The bottom line is these coaches have rotated RB, QB, and WR all year long. In order for a team to get into a rythme you have to have starters on the field for more than one play before you rotate them. If you are the position coach you have to put your best players on the field. Everyone has an off week so you can’t switch just because someone have a bad week. Choose a starter and stick with them. Something that is very disturbing is how the QBs have to run their hearts out to the sideline every play to get the play. How can you expect your QB to be effective after running 50 yards for the play every down. If you add that up 50 plays X 50 yards= 2500 yards of running for no reason.

  3. Abe

    Something tells me we’ll hear more about Tyler’s future plans the Monday after the Sammy State game…

    Best of luck to him, but you can’t seriously say the kid has been given a fair chance on the field this season to prove himself. He deserves to be the starting QB (somewhere).

    • fan4life1

      @ Abe I agree 100% and for a passer to be accurate he has to get in a rythm with his WR. They have thrown im him into games and expect him to perform a miracle with his arm after cooling down and sitting the bench for the entire game. Don’t know what these BIGTIME coaches are thinking.

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