College Football: Quotables From Sunday’s Practice (10-23 Edition)

Head coach Dennis Franchione on the game with Southeastern Louisiana — “My fear was that we might have to win a scoring contest with them, because of their ability to put up points. If you get some turnovers, it probably happens, but when you don’t get anything and have two yourself, then it makes it hard. The turnover on the kickoff return puts it from a seven- to 10-point deficit and that’s a little, different animal to deal with. We had been trading sevens, but the 10 in the second half made it a bit different. We were still OK, but it’s still on the road and it impacts you a little bit.”

Franchione on needing to outscore someone — “That’s never going to be our cup of tea. We have to have a game where our offense and defense complement each other better. Last night our defense was reeling a bit at times. The last few weeks we’ve been the type of team to get somebody else out of rhythm, but this week it turned on us.”

Redshirt freshman Terrence Franks on his huge night (234 rushing yards) — “I just kept running the ball. I had to fight through cramps and everything. Marcus [Curry] was out, so we needed somebody to step up, so I just kept running the ball. The line was blocking well and I just kept going.”

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  1. Clos

    This game was hard to watch. We weren’t moving the ball the way we have been. It was a tough loss. With that said, I can’t help but ask myself “how will we do at FBS(WAC) level, if we just lost to SEL”? We have a lot of work to get done before the year is over and I hope our boys get back on track. On the other hand our team has been working hard and making plays at every game. I don’t want to deminish that.
    Eat’em Up Cats
    Eat’em Up

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