Bobcat Mailbag: Q&A (Lamar Edition)

In lieu of the Bobcat Live Chat, feel free to ask questions in the comments below. If you’re going to the game, leave an attendance prediction as well. From what we’re hearing, it could be a record night for Texas State.



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5 responses to “Bobcat Mailbag: Q&A (Lamar Edition)

  1. fan4life1

    Did we get our injured players healed for the game this week? I seen a couple players went down last game with injuries.

  2. fan4life1

    Ok good thanks Tyler

  3. Andrew

    Lamar has a good passing game and the Bobcats have given up over 200 yards passing a game this season. What can the Cats do to slow them down?

    If the record for attendance is 16,600. I’ll go ahead and say 17,000. Above capacity but they will squeeze them in somewhere.

    • Good question, Andrew. Somehow Texas State is going to need to get to Lamar senior quarterback Andre Bevil. It hasn’t been an easy task for opposing defenses, as Bevil has only been sacked twice in 2011. The Cardinals have only given up four sacks, so their line is stout. Bevil also loves to throw to J.J. Hayes (10 catches, 212 yards last week), so a lot of pressure will be put on redshirt freshman cornerback Craig Mager (who drew the assignment) to slow him down.

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