College Football: Game Thoughts (Wyoming Edition)

  • Texas State needs to learn how to finish out games. Although the Bobcats don’t have the depth at the moment of their first two opponents (Texas Tech and Wyoming), they should be able to keep it closer. Another strong first half wasn’t to be against the Cowboys as Dennis Franchione’s squad watched a seven-point deficit turn into a 35-point loss.
  • So far this season, Texas State has been outscored 69-0 in the second half.
  • The Bobcats rode the quarterback carousel once again, starting junior Shaun Rutherford, then bringing in sophomore Tyler Arndt once Rutherford turned it over twice (fumble and an interception). Wyoming only turned those two turnovers into seven points, as Texas State’s defense held strong following the fumble.
  • When Arndt was in, at least against the Cowboys, the offense seems to move a lot smoother. That being said, the former is only true if Franchione and the coaching staff allow Arndt to do what he does best (pass) and not ‘Stephen McGee’ him (force him to be what he’s not — an option quarterback).
  • Arndt completed seven of his 14 passes for 54 yards. One of Arndt’s passes wound up in a Wyoming defender’s hands for an interception.
  • The Cowboys teed off on Arndt, sacking him four times. Three of those sacks occurred on consecutive plays as Wyoming linebacker Korey Jones abused the Bobcats’ offensive tackles.
  • Now to the defense, or lack of, yesterday. Texas State allowed 618 yards of total offense, 382 on the ground. That is inexcusable.
  • One bright spot for the Bobcats on defense was Aaron Matthews, a first-year transfer. Matthews squared up nine solo tackles, four assists and hauled in one interception. If Matthews doesn’t start from now on, I’d question the decision by the coaching staff.
  • Senior punter Ben Follis had a heck of a game. Follis had plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the thin air since Texas State’s offense went three-and-out six times. He averaged 47.9 yards per punt, including a long of 71.


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2 responses to “College Football: Game Thoughts (Wyoming Edition)

  1. fan4life1

    They need to put Ardnt as the starter because Rutherford thinks he’s Michael Vick, sorry he’s no Michael Vick. On pass plays he looks to find a running lane, throw the dang ball!!!! They need their best players on the field and those WR out there are not the best players. It looks to be some favoritism going on at T-State. This is looking like the last year team. T-State can not be a running team don’t have the pesonnel throw the dang ball sometimes!!!!

  2. You have brought up very fantastic points, thank you for the post.

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